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  • Flexographic press
    - Item Brand Description Width Year info
    FL111 GSStack Type - in line 1600 mm 1999
    FL110 FLEXOTECNICAC.I. 1050 mm 1998
    FL109 TIQUATTROC.I. 1400 mm 2001
    FL108 SCHIAVIC.I.+Gearless 1200 mm 2005
    FL107 UTECOC.I. + Gearless 1400 mm 2004
    FL106 MANZONIStack Type 1000 mm 1982
    FL105 MANZONIStack Type - in line 1700 mm 1988
    FL104 FILIPPINI & PAGANINIStack Type - in line 1600 mm 1992
    FL103 OMATStack Type - in line 1200 mm 1994
    FL102 MANZONIStack Type 1000 mm 2001
    FL101 TCMC.I. 700 mm 1993
    FL99 FILIPPINI & PAGANINIStack Type 800 mm 2005
    FL98 WINDMOLLER & HOLSCHERC.I. + Gearless 1270 mm 2007
    FL96 UTECOC.I. 1400 mm 1987
    FL95 UTECOC.I. 1200 mm 1989
    FL94 UTECOC.I. 1200 mm 1993
    FL93 UTECOStack Type 1600 mm 1997
    FL92 CARRARO KLENIAStack Type 800 mm 1975
    FL91 CMFStack Type 800 mm 1995
    FL90 TCMC.I. 1200 mm 1999
    FL81 CMFStack Type 1200 mm 1989
    FL87 UTECOStack Type 1200 mm 1991
    FL86 FLEXOTECNICAC.I. + In-line laminator solventless 1200 mm 1988
    FL85 FISCHER AND KRECKEC.I. + Roto 830 mm 1998
    FL84 UTECOStack Type 1200 mm 1988
    FL83 FLEXOTECNICAC.I. 1300 mm 1996
    FL82 UTECOC.I 1400 mm 1998
    FL80 UTECOC.I. 1200 mm 1999
    FL78 UTECOC.I. + Stack 1700 mm 1991
    FL76 TCMC.I. 1070 mm 2001
    FL74 CMFC.I. 1600 mm 1995
    FL73 UTECOC.I. 1400 mm 1989
    FL72 FLEXOTECNICAC.I 1430 mm 1989
    FL71 CMFC.I. 700 mm 1993
    FL70 MANZONIC.I. 800 mm 1997
    FL67 UTECOC.I. 600 mm 1995
    FL66 OFEMC.I. 1000 mm 2000
    FL65 OFEMC.I. 650 mm 2000
    FL63 GSStack Type 1600 mm 1999
    FL62 CMFStack type 1300 mm 1989/2010
    FL61 UTECOC.I. 1200 mm 2004
    FL58 OMATStack Type 800 mm 1980
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