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Right here in you will find out silk screen printing equipment or used screen printing; because we have been supplying printing machines for many years like used printing equipment and for industrial printing equipment.

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So buy here Microtec Ltd the best converting machinery used printing equipment and used screen printing. Browse this website and choose the machinery you need. Thanks to our experience in selling silk screen printing equipment and equipment for printing.

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  • Coating Lamination
    - Item Brand Description Width Year info
    CL21 UTECOSolvent based 1300 mm 1990
    CL19 UTECOSolventless lamination 1300 mm 1999
    CL18 NORDMECCANICASolvent based 1350 mm 1995
    CL17 UTECOSolventless lamination 1000 mm 2001
    CL16 NORDMECCANICASolventless lamination 1300 mm 1990
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